Hi! My name is LaLanya, and I want to welcome you to Dance Within!


Do you like music that makes you want to move?


Do you want to have an energizing experience of movement to rhythm that gives you a great aerobic workout and lets you have an experience of a high, a sense of being in trance as you, your movements, the rhythm and music merge and your energy flows out from within?


This is what you can experience with Dance Within.


Dance Within is an easy to follow aerobic dance workout video that requires no previous dance training.  That's because what we're all about is a great way to dance to rhythm. We worked on coming up with really good drum music that will make you want to get up and move.


This video is not about doing difficult choreography, and you will find that you don't need a lot of space. Following me, you are going to do basic dance steps that will emphasize different parts of the body, and we'll dance in a range of intensities.


This activity is designed to allow people on all levels to participate. All you really need is basic good health and the OK from your doctor.  Our goal is for you to reach a state of well being and let you experience a natural high through movement, while also building endurance, stamina and more command of your body.


Pacing yourself will be important. Don't worry if you cannot do some of the movements the way you want to right away. Just do the movement as best you can. You can always go back and repeat.


You will get it eventually. You don't have to put full effort into each step in the beginning.


It is important for you to listen to your body. Go at your own pace. The key is to move freely with your body, be safe and have fun.